Our Innovation Story

AIR⁺ is a breakthrough innovation and new standard in protective mask technology, garnering international design awards, as well as local consumer awards. 

The Science Behind AIR+

Advanced 3D Facial Scanning

Using complex algorithms to analyze extensive data gathered through advanced 3D facial scanning of more than 800 adults and children, AIR+ N95 Masks are scientifically tailored into different sizes and fit-tested for superior fit and protection.

Restores Breathing Pattern

AIR+ attachable fan are engineered to expel exhalation according to our respiratory cycle. Proven to reduce trapped heat, carbon dioxide and moisture within the mask, AIR+ attachable fan delivers enhanced comfort to your mask-wearing experience.

A World’s First Innovation

Essential Protection

Proven N95-Class

N95 Mask

Protects Against


Breathable Comfort

Enhanced Comfort and Safety

Micro Fan

Actively Expels


The Problem with Conventional Disposable Masks

The Right Mask Size Matters Especially
for Our Little Ones

Wearing an oversized mask leaves gaps along the edges of the mask, resulting in a weak seal against harmful airborne particles around us. However, most conventional masks are not designed to fit young children and the elderly with smaller facial profiles, and they often end up with oversized masks that leaves them vulnerable against harmful airborne pollutants.

Wearing a mask in the right size creates a well-sealed barrier to ensure proper protection against harmful airborne pollutants.

Effective Protection and Breathable Comfort
for All Your Loved Ones

N95 Masks & Micro Fan

For adults and children from 7 years onwards


N95 Kids Mask & Nano Fan

For kids aged 3 to 6 years old